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” AIM 4 PIE is a fun, interactive way for students to learn literacy skills while increasing their fitness and gross motor skills. I witnessed firsthand the engagement of students in this highly physical activity as they ran around the gym to search for letters in their name or letters to spell words, and then aimed for the target in which to throw the letter balls. Not only does AIM 4 PIE promote literacy and motor skills; it also promotes cooperation and turn-taking. I highly recommend this product to promote fitness, literacy and fun! ”

–Dr Leah Keith, Administrator Arab Primary


” OMG! West Madison students love PIE!! This is a revolutionary game for physical education! Kid’s are running, throwing, dodging, working as a team, spelling words and working with fractions….and they love it! I like the fact that they are integrating several subjects in P.E. ”

–Joy Brindley
West Madison Elementary School
Madison, AL


” The kids at Whitesboro loved PIE! And hated to see it go! It is a wonderful activity that involves constant movement with spelling and reading. Pure genius. ”

–Kristin Frasier P.E. Teacher, Whitesboro Elementary Etowah County

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