Frequently Asked Questions

 What grade level is best suited for Aim 4 Pie?

Aim 4 Pie can be played by all primary and elementary aged students. By using the alphabet as game pieces the level of complexity is easily changed by simply changing the spelling or vocabulary words to match the specific grade level. For example kindergarten students may play “PIE” by spelling high frequency sight words and the same game equipment is used by fifth graders to spell the names of muscles. Letter recognition and color games may be enjoyed by younger pre-school aged students as well.

How many students can play Aim 4 Pie at one time?

The game Aim 4 Pie can easily be played by large classes of up to 100 students or more. Each game set is designed to accommodate 12 teams of 6-8 students with no waiting. Within each team students have specific roles to play and the teams must work together to earn points. The game is very fast paced and with each team spelling  different words simultaneously there are plenty of the 200 letter balls available at all times.

 How is Aim 4 Pie played?

The Aim 4 Pie playing area is set up into 12 team areas with the PIE MIXER goal in the middle and 200 letter balls are scattered on the floor (good music can be used as the start/stop play signal).  Each team has A CAPTAIN, A POINT GUARD and several LETTER NINJAS. The word cards are in one designated area and the PIE points are in another. The Captain gets a word and assigns letters. After the word is spelled the Captain returns the word and gets next word, the Point Guard gets a PIE point piece and the Letter Ninjas must throw the letter balls into the PIE MIXER goal. Team members meet back at the team area and the process repeats.

How can students be challenged physically while playing Aim 4 Pie?

The game is based on the physical movement of the letter balls and the students being the force needed to transport the letters to complete the academic tasks. Other than running, leaping, skipping, galloping etc, the physical emphasis of the day could be on correct basketball shooting form, proper overhand baseball throw or even an overhand striking motion, as the students throw the letter balls into the PIE mixer goal. Also as the students play the game they have a very free range of creative movement and with good music playing it is amazing to see what freedom of movement some students will enjoy.

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