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200 Letter balls allows plenty of options for 12 teams spelling words simultaneously–NO WAITING!

Color coded wrist bands to visually identify team member roles to encourage team work!


Each AIM 4 PIE set includes 12 Word Builder Trays–Letter balls stay put while students are spelling words.


AIM 4  PIE Activity Guide–Complete game instructions and lots of lesson options for PE classes large or small.


4 points complete a whole PIE. Concept of fractions reinforced by just keeping score in a game! 100 PIE Points per set.


Unique 9 ft PIE Mixer Goal—Great for throwing to target skills development. Also adds dynamic movement of letter balls.


AIM 4 PIE Unique 9 ft PIE mixer goal folds for easy safe storage

Unique 9 ft tall PIE mixer goal folds for easy storage.

9 ft PIE Mixer Goal folds for easy safe storage. Simple easy assembly.


Each AIM 4 PIE game set includes 12 Yellow Captain wristbands and 12 Red Point Guard wristbands

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