• Promote reading and math
  • Reinforce classroom content
  • Challenge students physically and mentally


AIM 4 PIE : Academics in Motion for Physical Intensity Everyday

For decades, there has been a search for PE activities that blend academic and physical elements. With time being a huge factor, a balance must be achieved; physical intensity must not be diminished by time spent on verbal instruction.

Could the answer to this balance be easy? Easy as PIE?

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Benefits of AIM 4 PIE



Students use lots of  high energy locomotor skills,  running, skipping, leaping etc, to find assigned letters and in the span of a few seconds use fine motor skills to place the ball on the word building tray.  Correct throwing form and proper basketball shooting technique may be practiced as students must throw balls into the unique mixer goal.



Beginning readers get extra practice in letter recognition, spelling high frequency sight words and word building. Established readers use subject specific task cards to reinforce classroom concepts in areas of English, science, nutrition, health, etc. The math concept of fractions is utlilized as “just keeping score in a game.”



Students work in teams and every team member has a role to play. Each team has a captain, a point guard and several letter “ninjas”. Teams compete for points by spelling words quickly and must work together. The elements of cooperation and competition are extremely effective in keeping students motivated and on task.

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